Wrong RKE-tools version

Hey Everyone,
Can i please have your assistance? as i am stuck… most probably because i am new to Rancher and K8s!
I am trying to add a Windows worker node to a downstream cluster, which already contains the necessary 2 linux nodes (one with controlplane & etcd and the other with worker role).
My problem is that when i execute the command from Rancher to provision the new windows node it gets stuck at “provisioning” state forever. Furthermore i have found out that the container rancher/rancher-agent is being deployed but when i check the logs i can see the is looking for the image rancher/rke-tools:v0.1.87 which unfortunately is not working with windows and this is where it cannot proceed. According to this page Docker Hub i need the version 0.1.83
How can i do that ? how and where can change the required version of rke-tools?
Please excuse me if i haven’t explained the issue properly, i am really new to this one

Same problem. Any solution?