RKE windows support?

Hi, I really wanted to use the RKE CLI tool but are currently working with a requirement for windows nodes. Am I right in asuming that the RKE tool currently only supports linux nodes? I know I can configure it from the UI of 2.6 but I have a helle of a bad time setting that up with docker.

I know it states on the front page that …
“RKE is a fast, versatile Kubernetes installer that you can use to install Kubernetes on your Linux hosts.” but documentation doesnt always keep up, right?

I cant find any configuration around powershell remoting into windows nodes. I guess I could set up an SSH server on windows but if the rest of the setup doesnt support a windows setup there would be some config around it?


Have you looked into RKE2? From what I see, the Windows support is way better both with RKE2. Look at the quick start here: Quick Start - RKE2 - Rancher's Next Generation Kubernetes Distribution.

I like editing a yaml file for RKE and using RKE cli to bootstrap a cluster.

Hi, thanks for the link. That does look interesting! I had RKE2 positioned as something just mumble mumble government locked down stuff branched off RKE … Or is it really more V2?

At least the documentation seems a little deeper on the windows side of things. :no_mouth: