X509: certificate signed by unknown authority when added custom helm repo

We have self signed certificates in use.
I have two rancher clusters. One is so called local Rancer Management cluster via we managing downstream Rancher clusters.
Custom Helm charts are in local gitlab (using self signed certificates).
When added custom helm repo under apps and marketplaces via Management Rancer UI at first got error “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”. Resolved it using Rancher Docs: Rancher Helm Chart Options. It was possible because using Helm chart to deploy management Rancher.
After it I custom certificate problem was solved in Management Rancer cluster.

But I have the same problem in downsteram Rancher cluster and it is installed using terraform https://registry.terraform.io/providers/rancher/rancher2/latest/docs/resources/cluster.
And here I can not see any options to define additionalTrustedCAs like in Helm installation case.
Any ideas how I can solve that problem in my downstream Rancher cluster deployed using terraform?


Found workaround Adding a clusterrepos.catalog.cattle.io with custom certificate in a dowstream repo is failing. · Issue #31676 · rancher/rancher · GitHub