Your first bug report :-(

Firstly let me say that the move to Kubernetes is a very good thing. We’ve invested a lot in Rancher but are struggling with some stuff which haveing native Kubernetes as well may well help.

Sadly though after following the instructions my shiny new Rancher 2.0 doesn’t work. Starting containers or apps gives:
pods "centos-d76c0d74" is forbidden: service account default/default was not found, retry after the service account is created

I guess this is a Kubernetes account? How do I get that set up?

Did you wait before the environment was all up and ready?

Known Major Issues
Creating a container before the System environment is healthy will result in the following error: “service account default/default was not found, retry after the service account is created”. This usually happens when you add your first node as it may take several minutes before all required system services and k8s components have been fully activated. You can verify the health of the System environment by changing your environment on the top right to System. Once the System environment is healthy, you can relaunch or create new containers.

OK, will try again now I know what I’m looking for

I’m having the same issue after waiting 30min.
when I check the system environment I notice the following containers are not stable:

  • core-services-healthcheck-1
  • core-services-ipsec-router-1
  • kubernetes-support-kubectl-shell-1

kubectl-shell has the error “service account cattle-system/default was not found”

health check has the error "level=fatal msg=“Get dial tcp getsockopt: no route to host”

im running on 2 VMs with centOS 7 (latest)
have tried with docker v1.12.6, v17.03-ce & v17.06-ce

rancher server 2.0 alpha 10