Blog series (From Cattle to K8s) - for Rancher 1.6 to Rancher 2.0 transition

hi Rancher community!

I’m Prachi Damle, software engineer@Rancher. Since the release of Rancher 2.0 using Kubernetes, we have seen many questions from our existing 1.6 users regarding migration to this version.

So in order to ease the transition, we are exploring how various 1.6 functionalities can be mapped to equivalent alternatives on Rancher 2.0. Here is a list of topics that we are thinking of covering

I am planning to write a series of blogs on these topics, here is a link to the opening blog post:

The upcoming ones in the series will all be prefixed with ‘From Cattle to K8s’.

I appreciate your feedback on the content and please let us know any other desired 1.6 topics that we should include.


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