'zypper migration' faield with RuntimeError: Interrupted

I was upgrading a virtual host on System z from SLES 12 SP3 to SLES 12 SP4 and received the following messages at the end of the process.

[CODE]There are some running programs that might use files deleted by recent upgrade. You may wish to check and restart some of them. Run ‘zypper ps -s’ to list these programs.
Executing 'zypper --releasever 12.4 --no-refresh dist-upgrade --no-allow-vendor-change ': RuntimeError: Interrupted.

Migration failed.

Executing ‘snapper create --type post --pre-number 83 --cleanup-algorithm=number --print-number --userdata important=yes --description ‘after online migration’’

Performing repository rollback…
Starting to sync system product activations to the server. This can take some time…
Rollback failed: Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout[/CODE]

I did some Goolging and didn’t find much, so I manually issued the command that caused the “RuntimeError: Interrupted.” message

'zypper --releasever 12.4  --no-refresh  dist-upgrade --no-allow-vendor-change 

Everything seems fine, though I am not sure.

Do I need to restore the system back to where it was prior to the upgrade and start it over or am I ok at this point?


I opened a case with IBM and they looked over the log files I sent. They didn’t see anything out of whack other than the installed repositories. After the upgrade to SLES 12 SP4, all of the SLES 12 SP3 repositories were still present and a few of the SLES 12 SP4 repositories were missing. I manually configure the repositories.

All is well - so far.