Cannot upgrade from SLES 12 SP2 to SP4


We are trying to upgrade one of our VM’s on GCP from SLES 12 SP2 to SP4.
The issue we are facing that the “zypper refresh” command always fails with a random repo throwing a “Timeout” OR “Valid metadata not found at url” error.

Luckily, one time the refresh command worked and no errors were thrown.
So, we proceeded with “zypper patch” (successful) and then “zypper migration”.
Zypper migration works fine till it prompts you to select the new SP you need to upgrade to.
After that, it starts some installation and the errors of “timeout” OR “Valid metadata not found at url” pop up and the migration is aborted.

One such error seen in zypper migration is below.

command ‘zypper --xmlout --no-refresh --non-interactive search --match-exact -s -t product sle-module-legacy’ failed
Removing service Legacy_Module_x86_64: SUSE::Connect::ZypperError: <?xml version='1.0'?>

Building repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Pool' cache
Building repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Pool' cache
Building repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Pool' cach
Building repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Pool' cache
Building repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Pool' cache

Error building the cache:
[HPC_Module_x86_64:SLE-Module-HPC12-Updates|plugin:/susecloud?credentials=HPC_Module_x86_64&path=/repo/SUSE/Updates/SLE-Module-HPC/12/x86_64/update/] Valid metadata not found at specified URL
Skipping repository 'SLE-Module-HPC12-Updates' because of the above error.
Some of the repositories have not been refreshed because of an error.Loading repository data…Reading installed packages…

Migration failed.

Any help on how to fix this would be really appreciated.


Sounds like the instances are sitting behind a Cloud Proxy. By default the Cloud Proxy has a low number of concurrent connections, I think it’s 64 if I recall correctly. But that number is configurable up to 256 I think. If you change it th etime out errors should go away. This is a problem with the Google implementation and is out of our control.