Zypper migration not showing 15 SP4 available

How can I get a SLES 15 box to see that SP4 should be available to migrate to? More specifically, where would I look to see what is and isn’t available, and why that might be?

I did something stupid and am now trying to figure out how to recover from it. The image that was spun up (in VMware) was SLES 15 SP1. I did zypper patch, followed by zypper migration, and it showed me three candidates I could migrate to: SP2, SP3, and SP4. I stupidly chose SP3, with the thought that I would later migrate to SP4. The migration to SP3 appears to have gone fine.

But now, when I run zypper migration it tells me “No migration available”.

I think it ought to be available, since it was back before I did the upgrade to SP3.

I do have a different server which I did migrate from the same VMware image, and is on SP4. I’m pretty sure I did the SP1 ==> SP3 ==> SP4 upgrade on it, although that was two months ago and my recollection might be fuzzy. Both servers show in the SUSE Customer Center as using our RMT server for their registration proxy.

@David_G_Visalia Hi Have you seen this document https://documentation.suse.com/sles/15-SP4/html/SLES-all/cha-upgrade-online.html you should be able to rollback and try again as well.

Thank you Malcolm. I had seen that document, but hadn’t looked at the rollback portions of it. Trying the first step right now, I find that my organization’s base template has snapper turned off. :neutral_face:

The worst case isn’t all that bad: I delete the VM and start anew. This server is not yet in production, so all I’ve lost is a little time.

Thank you for the advice on an alternative that could have helped.