Upgrade from SLES 15 SP2 to SP4 fails

When attempting to upgrade from SLES 15 SP2 to SLES 14 SP4, after booting from the SP4 ISO, I eventually get the message “Error: No migration product found.” and it will not let me upgrade.

When I boot to the hard drive and run “zypper migration”, it tells me my only available migration is SP3.

It looks from the documentation that I should be able to upgrade directly from SP2 to SP4, but did I perhaps read things wrong and that is not possible? Is there something else I need to do be able to skip SP3 and upgrade directly to SP4?


try to patch the latest SP2 patches and then run zypper migration again

Didn’t make a difference. I went ahead and installed SP3 then the SP4 upgrade was available.

Frustrating, …