zypper pch as user returns "Failed to open service file"

Good Afternoon all,

Our installation is SLES 11 SP3 , when i run zypper pch as root ,command works as expected,
if i run the same as normal user i get the following:

[QUOTE]Unexpected exception.
Failed to open service file
Please file a bug report about this.
See http://en.opensuse.org/Zypper/Troubleshooting for instructions.

the strange thing is that this problem occurs in 10 out of 42 servers… :S

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?


Well i figured it out myself,

for the record , in the problematic systems there was a file inside /etc/zypp/services.d pointing to our old SMT server,
after removing it zypper pch works ok as normal user.