3rd party vendor support for PTF Kernels


We are developing a software for SLES customer that uses SLES PTF kernels.
Our software contains a kernel module that needs to be compiled with the target kernel package.

I would like to understand best practices for vendors to support PTF kernels. Is there a team that can support me with that?
We are registered ISV partner


Hi ronshah,

I would like to understand best practices for vendors to support PTF kernels

PTF kernels, like all other PTFs (“packaged temporary fix”), are usually meant to bridge the gap between spotting a code problem and providing the fix during a regular package maintenance update. As such, there’s likely no official “best practises” - though I speaking as a user here, these are user-to-user forums, after all.

I assume the following procedure would be close to what you’ll find in practice:

  • user identifies a problem and reports it to SUSE
  • user receives a PTF containing a new kernel
  • user forwards you the PTF and asks you to provide a matching kernel module, so that he can test the PTF
  • you provide the module based on the PTF kernel
  • user installs both the PTF and your updated module and tests

Then, at a later point in time:

  • SUSE publishes new kernel
  • you provide according module
  • user installs update and your updated module

You may want to ask your SUSE Partner Manager for an official position on this. OTOH, how’s the current support status for the customer, when employing your module? Doesn’t that void any (kernel) support already?