SLES 12 SP1 for SAP Applications Kernel Update 4.4.8

Hi Guys,
I allready posted this Thread in the wrong section, so im posting it again here.
im kinda new to the whole Linux world.
I have a Customer who wants to upgrade to kernel 4.4.8 from 3.12.59.x.x.
I have no clue how to do this. Is it possibly to do this? and if yes, how do
i do it.
I cant find any Infos from SUSE or SAP if this is supported.


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If a customer updates a kernel which is not delivered by SUSE he looses his support.
Within SLES-for-SAP-Applications 12 SP1 we ship Kernel 3.12.59
and with ServicePack 2 we will go to a 4.4 Kernel.

So he needs to upgrade from SP1 to SP2, which is a normal process and documented within our release notes and install documentation

SLES4SAP 12 SP2 will come out later this year.

Your SUSE SAP Alliance Team