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Does it support to upgrade from Rancher 1.6.7 to the new 2.0?


In the release notes of alpha 6 it shows all information about Kubernetes. Does this means that Rancher is moving away from Cattle?

We have currently 1.6.10 running in DTA with Cattle and are planning to implement Rancher in production.
If Rancher is moving away from Cattle, then it would be better for us to implement Kubernetes rather then Cattle.


I’ve got the same question.
We’ve a large cluster with rancher “cattle” in production, and want to expand, the question now, is cattle the right move, or rebuild it to k8s ?
So Is 2.0 a k8s only release, and is “cattle” still alive in 2018 ?


No, currently we do not support any upgrades. Please refer to the release notes for further questions on current known issues.


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