Regarding rancher 2.0 and racher 1.6

i’ve been using rancher 1.6 (mainly cattle orchestration) for local/remote development environment with docker under the hood. i know rancher 2.0 will be focusing with kurbenetes i’m still getting in the workarounds with kurbenetes though, i just want to know if rancher 1.6 wont be left behind in the development stage.

will the development of rancher 1.6 continue in the next coming years?

will rancher 1.6 have a major update? (hopefully)

should i move from rancher 1.6 to rancher 2.0? or stay with rancher 1.6?

is there a integration rancher-nfs with rancher 2.0 or equivalent?

thank you in advanced

My understanding is that Rancher 1.6 will be EOL’ed after 12 months or so. Personally, I would much prefer if it continued.

While K8s and Rancher 2 is great, and very powerful for large scale deployments, Rancher 1.6/Cattle, with its built-in Load Balancer, etc. is IMO just right for a 3-7 server cluster. Simple, reliable and self-contained.

-Barry Flanagan

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so sad to hear that rancher 1.6 will be EOL’d

rancher 1.6 for me is very convenient to use.

this is gonna be a headache for me, moving towards rancher 2.0

i hope rancher labs will change their minds and still keep rancher 1.6 and will continue with the development.

I’d wish they wouldn’t abandon it completely but keep it around, profiled as Rancher Light for SOHO-environments.

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As we’ve covered elsewhere, we will continue to support 1.6 with critical issue and security release until 4/2020, which is still a year and a half away. There will not be any more major features or enhancements from us. Beyond that, everything is still open-source so the community could conceivably continue to support it forever.

Kubernetes has clearly been the way the market is going for a while now; 1.x is not a great experience for k8s users and 2.0 was built to address that.

We (including specifically @ibuildthecloud and I) are still working on ways to expose a simpler, more opinionated experience to using containers with . It is in some ways more like 1.x/vanilla Docker UX, but powered by k8s under the hood.


That’s very interesting @vincent - thanks for pointing it out!

Will there be a gui for Rio by the time 1.6 reaches eol?

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i just watched rancher/rio in github :+1:

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me too :+1:

they have 18 months then we have to start debugging 1.6 ourselves :blush:

istio doesn’t need kubernetes I wonder if they thought of that for Rio?

I’m certainly not going to promise anything when you’re talking a year out, but one might infer something from me saying “specifically [Darren] and I” are working on it when we are the leads for backend and frontend design…

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I just loved cattle and tried k8s these last weeks : way too complicated for simple needs.

docker-compose isn’t enough but K8S is too much… Is there a middle solution you would know guys ?