Accidentally imported a cluster already in Rancher

Someone on our team accidentally imported a cluster that was already managed by the same instane of Rancher. Not sure how this was possible, but here we are. So, what we have is the “new” cluster composed of the nodes from another cluster, and a cluster with a status of “Cluster agent is not connected.” How can we recover from this?

Running Rancher v2.6.4. The cluster that is no longer connected was built using the vSphere node provisioner.


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Kindly define your exact issue. So that I can help to get out of you from this issue.Because I did not get you to question it.

You might be able to reimport it to the original cluster. You can grab the import command by viewing the cluster object. Navigate to the rancher url and type in /v3/clusters/cluster-id/clusterregistrationtolens after the domain. There should be some commands there to reimport the cluster to it’s original cluster in Rancher. Let us know if that helps.

Thanks, I basically followed the instructions here and got the cluster back: Restore Rancher 2 cluster/node agents on clusters · GitHub