(Re-)import clusters for disaster recovery


We have a Rancher installation (currently 2.5.9) with several clusters created from Rancher (using vSphere provider).

For future disaster recovery documentation:

If we had to completely reinstall Rancher from scratch, is there a way to import exising clusters, so that they are “first class citizens”?

What I mean is: If you import a cluster rather then creating it from Rancher, it lacks some functionality.
However since the clusters in question once were created from (another) Rancher, I wonder if there is a way to let the new Rancher installation know about it, just like the clusters would have been created from it?

I hope it becomes clear what I mean.
Thanks in advance.

PS: We have everything about those clusters in terraform, so every information, like creating node-templates would be there. However we would still prefer reimporting the cluters instead of creating all of them from scratch again.