adding proprietary network scripts with wicked


I had some proprietary network script running in SLES11 under /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/ but
as SLES12 changed to wicked I don’t directly see how to convert this to SLES12.
From the network admin guide i assume it is in /etc/wicked/server.xml but
the guide does not directly mentions this topic (perhaps did overlook it ;-)…

Thanks in advance

Did find the information under “man wicked-config” (I think this is what i need) :

The functionality of wickedd can be extended through external commands and shell scripts. All of these
extensions are declared in server.xml, and all of them follow the same pattern.

   Script extensions
          Scripts are specified via the <script> element, which needs to provide a name attribute and a command
          attribute.  Again,  the  name  serves as an identifier, while the command specifies the command to be
          invoked.  wicked comes with a (simple) parser for this, which splits up this command into a  argument
          array which is passed to execve(2) eventually.

          An example would look like this:

            <script name="install"
                    command="/etc/wicked/extensions/hostname install"/>

          When  defininig script extensions, it is possible to define additional environment variables that get
          passed to the script. This mechanism is explained in more detail below.