After installation of SLES 15.4 reboots to black screen

Hi Folks!
First post here!
The machine is a Lenovo MT6436 server if it matters.
160GB SCSI Raid 1
8 GB memory
Using a USB created with DD command to install SLES 15.4.
I highlighted “Installation” and added to “Options” Textmode=1 and started the install.
It went all the way to reboot no problems - started the reboot automatically.
But when it comes back up …
Welcome to GRUB
Green screen SUSE “Little creature”
dots going across the screen

Then the dots stop and shift to the left of the screen and it stops there.
So what can I do to get going here… spent my whole weekend on this and I’m losing my hair and my mind!!

I would appreciate any pointer ideals suggestion etc,!!


Please someone out there has run into the issue before I would think?