Allow the Rancher Load Balancer to dynamically allocate rulesets

What I’m trying to achieve

I am currently using GitLab for my CI/CD pipelines. I have the deploy part pushing the build container to the correct environment. This is great.

What I would like to complete next is the ability to create demo environments as I/we could be working on multiple branches at ones.

I was playing around with the Selector Rule and have it working with static targets where I could set * => target[branch=branch_name]:80 which worked fine with one, but when I added another tagged container it always pointed at the one above which makes sense.

Is it possible to allow for the load balancer rules to be applied via regex or via access to variables, for example:

* => target[branch=${CONTAINER_NAME}]:80

this way, when a new branch is pushed to the repo, it will soon be available at <branch_name> for the right people to see/test/review?

==== Edit ====

I would like to achieve this by not having to setup a rule manually via rancher.

I’ve doing something with Traefik, but I get the container being shown but as the following: http://:3000 as if the IP is not available?

This is what happens when I use Traefik via the Rancher catalogue