Altering RKE defaults to pass parameters to kubelet


I’m generating k8s clusters on Openstack through the integrated driver. I passed my credentials in the wizard and now I’m able to generate machines (through docker-machine) and admit them into the cluster.

I’m not able though to dynamically provision PV on cinder, because the kubelets that run on dockers spun up by RKE don’t come with the cloud.conf file required.

How can I alter the defaults in RKE (or docker-machine concealed by the wizards) to generate machines already capable to invoke cinder APIs?

Many thanks

I’m looking for a similar thing also I think - Health check - does it even work?

anyone from the staff?

I managed to change configurations of kubelet and kube-controller. See details in:

Cloud provider documentation can be found at, this can be used when using Edit as YAML under Cluster Options when creating a Custom cluster.