Configure RancherOS host as K8's node

I want to configure RancherOS host to run as a node in K8’s cluster.
Are there any manuals for how to do it correctly?
So far I found only this one

But it’s 3 years old, so I not sure if anything has changed in the process or if there is some other way.

Found the answer in the recent Rancher meetup, going to try the new rke.

rke (v0.0.8-dev) initially seemed to work, i.e. i was able to create working cluster.

But, after reboot the RancherOS node can’t join the cluster because kube-proxy and kubelet containers are failing to start. kubelet has this error in the log:

error: failed to run Kubelet: invalid kubeconfig: stat /etc/kubernetes/ssl/kubecfg-kube-node.yaml: no such file or directory

Is there a bug or RancherOS is not supported by rke yet?

Created issue