Rancher 2.3.5, Openstack and Bastion/Jump hosts

We are trying to deploy K8S to our openstack cloud using a HA rancher setup currently based on v2.3.5. The idea is to automatically deploy a jump host in the openstack project, associate a floating IP, and then use the standard openstack provider to create the instances for control plane and worker nodes. Access to the nodes should happen via the jump host.

RKE supports a bastion host setup; but all tests so far with rancher have not been successful. I’ve added the necessary setup to the rke configuration, but the rancher-machine processes do not seem to use that setup.

Is this a supported setup, or do we need to find another way to setup the clusters in the openstack cloud?


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Hello !

I also try to do that, it will be very much secure to have a whole Kubernetes cluster inside a private Network, and just access to apps, throught Floating IP / Load Balancer (we just installed Octavia in our OpenStack cluster to have it used by the Ingress Controler).

I already have deployed a K8s cluster throught rke CLI, with bastion parameters. I worked. But I would like to have Rancher managing the machines (create instances, re-create if failed…).
When I copy/paste the bastion section in the cluster config in the Rancher Web UI, the ssh_key element is removed…

I don’t konw if it the only reason why it doesn’t work, but that’s all I can see.

Does someone knows if there are logs somwhere ? The Provisoning Logs tab is empty in the Web UI.

there’s a more recent thread here : "Waiting for SSH to be available" message