Any approach to start the container like kubelet/kube-apiserver from rancher server?

AFIAK for clusters lauched from rancher, it invokes docker to start the container to run k8s componenets like kubelet/apiserver. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
What if the container was deleted? Any approach to start another docker container on the node like from rancher portal or the node has to be reprovisioned?

Rancher 2.6 definitely uses CRIO and/or containerd and not Docker. It’s also my understanding that it needs its images in a repository it can pull from (the air gap instructions have a couple hundred packages I think I’ve heard people say), so if the container is deleted it should re-pull from the repo.

thanks. I’m wondering where to find the detailed ‘args’ in order to start the container after previous one is deleted. when rancher did that during the initial provision, I noticed the command of the container is “/opt/rke-tools/” and there are lots of ‘args’ about ‘kube-apiserver’

I haven’t used RKE1, only RKE2. I could give you some hints for RKE2 but can only point to the documentation off of for RKE1. If you don’t hear anything better here in a day or two you might try the Rancher Slack (which does have an #rke channel).

I was trying to join the slack channel actually but when I click ‘get invite’ it returned ‘internal_error’ to me and redirected me to ‘’ which returned ‘user doesn’t exist’ when I tried to log in. :rofl: