Kubernetes withut docker

Hi. The last release of kubernetes (1.24) has been released and the support of docker has been dropped !

I was using rke for my clusters which is not compatible with another runtimes.

It seems that rke2 could be the solution to get a production ready cluster with containerd but I can’t understand the approach of rke2. Anyone is using rke2 in production ?

To setup the cluster i have to install each node individually and share the token or I can have a centraluze approch like rke (automated cluster installation) ?

Thanks for your help.

As of Rancher v2.6, you can create RKE2 clusters (it’s in tech preview as of v2.6.4) and what Rancher will do is give you a curl command to run in the same way RKE1 gives you that docker run command.

Now if you don’t want to use Rancher, you’ll need to look at tools like puppet, chef, or ansible to manage to bootstrap the cluster and join nodes. But personally, I use my script rke2-up to handle this process for my RKE2 clusters.

The key item to understand about RKE2 is designed to manage itself. This means you don’t need an outside tool (like RKE) to upgrade your cluster or join/remove nodes. The RKE2 binary and the controllers in the cluster should handle that all for you.

ok i see. thanks i’ll try your scrpt to understand and I’ll create an ansible role which is the standard in my company.