Anyone else having difficulty adding Kubernetes hosts?

I’ve tried to create a Kubernetes cluster 3x from scratch, only once got the second node to show with kubectl get nodes, and that time it wouldn’t finish initializing (I didn’t check the logs unfortunately.) Attached logs screenshot is from the most recent try, both hosts are visible and with all containers of the stack running. (Just K_proxy_2 and K_kublet_2 on the second host, I can post a screenshot for the infrastructure view too.)

Hosts: VirtualBox 5.0.14, CentOS 7, Docker 1.10.3 (from Docker repo), SELinux set to permissive, no internal firewall.

Thanks in advance!

There’s a problem with k8s on systemd based OS… we’ll be shipping a 0.63.1 that should address this.

Of course, good old systemd. Thanks for the quick reply!