I'm New to Rancher!


I have just started experimenting with Rancher and it is really easy to use and no worry about commands, config files etc., I wanted to use it in my production environment. Is it production ready?

It would be great if you give some comparison between Rancher and Kubernetes. Does Rancher covers all/most features of kubernetes?


I can only speak out of my experience…and the answer in my case is “no, it is not production ready”. it is officially still Beta. You can use it in production but it would be quite risky when you do some upgrades…

So in my experience you can use it for testing and staging environments but I would wait for the GA release 1.x as Rancher is still under heavy development. It is maturing very fast.

Thanks for your quick response. Then I would wait for GA!! :slight_smile:


I’m using in a dev environment and I’m in the process of migrating some VMware hosts to Rancher to create a new QA environment, so far the only issue I had was upgrading RancherOS to latest version(Only worked after a reboot).

Been using Rancher in a low-risk production environment without really any issue. The only issue has been when installing the latest release (0.59.0) which decided to start upgrading the load balancer instances on its own without my permission… I wouldn’t recommend going for a super high-traffic, high-risk set up until GA unless you like the “bleeding” part of bleeding-edge… but it’s definitely stable enough to run low-risk stuff.

I use rancher to host workers and my UI part in a more stable (but less efficient and less fun) place. So it doesn’t really matter if my worker nodes are dead, for say, 24 hours.