Catalog Refresh failing to pickup changes made to Charts

I recently upgraded to Rancher v2.2.2 so that I can use the added valuesYaml parameter in the payload for deployment requests of Catalog Apps via Rancher’s Rest API.

I have made changes to helm charts stored in our Custom Catalog (Helm Repo) and then run a refreshCatalog for Rancher via the UI. The helm charts fail to update and still show the older versions.

Our helm repo is in Amazon S3. I can see from S3 that the charts have been successfully updated so i suspect that the issue lies within Rancher. Specifically, I believe it is the caching mechanism that has been enabled.

Is there anyway we can do either of the following:

  • disable the caching mechanism in place
  • forcefully clear the catalog cache

I have tried removing the catalog and re-adding it with no success. Even more, I create a new Catalog with a new name but pointing to the same URL and the charts still show up as the older versions.

Any help is appreciated. At the moment, we have to wait at least a day to see changes made to the helm charts in Rancher.

Thanks so much,

UPDATE: it seems the issue only lies with some of my charts. Is there any reason why Rancher would choose to update some charts but not the others?

Hi Zach,

I’m experiencing something similar on a GIT chart repo.
My case seems to be related to this issue: .

I would expect that helm repos are using the same cache mechanic in Rancher so it might be your trouble maker too.

My workaround until I’m able to upgrade to 2.2.4 is to redeploy the rancher deployment in my HA setup. This is purging the cache since the old pods with the old cache are deleted.

Kind regards

Oh nice, I didn’t think about attempting a redeploy! Going to try that as a workaround.

What is featured in the 2.2.4 release that you are waiting for?

Thanks for the help!

#20295 is marked as solved in 2.2.4. It was released last week but I need to wait for Friday to install it.

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