Are there any plans for Rancher T-shirts?

I like to wear my allegiances. More than happy to visit a meetup if that’s what it takes.

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There are T-shirts and they are awesome! A meetup is the best way to get them!

I handed out a bunch at the Docker Austin Meetup last fall and at Container Days NYC they were there handing them out as well. They’re nice shirts. :slight_smile:

Any chance of you coming over to the correct side of the pond? London would be cool.

Anytime down in Tampa area? I so want a T-Shirt :smile:

@kiboro you mispelled Zürich.

Any chance of having some events over here in New Zealand or Australia ( so that I can get a T shirt too)?

Quebec city ? Can’t beat Quebec city : food is awesome, not just poutine, Nightlife, Winter festival, intl Music festival. Plus you get to have photos with “le Chateau Frontenac”.

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So a 6 country 3 continent tour, or maybe shipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @smw355



And stickers for our laptops ^^


Yes, stickers please! Having a Rancher cow (does it have a name?) sticker next to Moby Dock on my laptop would be glorious.

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Hmm, the cow should have a name…

I will poke the #marketing channel again. Or start stuffing envelopes myself, we don’t have any shirts but there are a few stickers in the AZ office…

Apparently we already did this…

Where to get the “someone else Computer” sticker?