Autoformat for baremetal hosts and rancher 0.5.0?

In the past, I’ve been able to get autoformat working for VMs, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with any of our baremetal hosts. This is on v0.5.0

On our kernel command-line I have this: kernel ${base-url}/vmlinuz rancher.state.formatzero=true rancher.state.fstype=auto rancher.state.autoformat=[’/dev/sda,/dev/vda,/dev/xvda’]

I copied several hundred MB of /dev/zero over /dev/sda but that didn’t help. I also tried echo “boot2docker, please format-me” > /dev/sda, but that didn’t help either. Anyone been able to get autoformat to work on baremetal and v0.5.0?

I changed rancher.state.autoformat=[’/dev/sda,/dev/vda,/dev/xvda’] to rancher.state.autoformat=[’/dev/sda’] and that resolved the issue for our baremetal hosts.

I think this is actually a parsing issue. '/dev/sda,/dev/vda,/dev/xvda' will be seen as one big string since it’s in quotes. You should be able to use [/dev/sda,/dev/vda,/dev/xvda]