Disable rancher.state.autoformat?


I iPXE boot my server with RancherOS, but can’t install to sda because it’s used by the live system.
So how to disable rancher.state.autoformat during iPXE boot?

iPXE> dhcp                               
Configuring (net0 00:0d:b9:3c:0c:b0)...... ok
iPXE> set url http://releases.rancher.com/os/latest
iPXE> kernel ${url}/vmlinuz uart_check_keystrokes: error too many bytes are available

iPXE> kernel ${url}/vmlinuz rancher.state.autoformat=[false] console=ttyS0,115200
http://releases.rancher.com/os/latest/vmlinuz... ok 
iPXE> initrd ${url}/initrd
http://releases.rancher.com/os/latest/initrd... ok 
iPXE> boot

I tried some values, but sda was mounted each boot…

  • false
  • /dev/xda
  • [false]
  • [/dev/xda] # but sda still is used ?!

So how boot RancherOS without mounting local hdd?

Solved it by boot up RancherOS with iPXE, enter the cosole container and remove the sda1 partition which is labeled and used from RancherOS.
After a reboot sda isn’t in use and it’s possible to install RancherOS to the hdd.