Automating client registration on SUSE Manager

Has anyone does this before or any advice on how to proceed. I was thinking specifically of using an Azure Resource Management (ARM) VM build template in the Azure Cloud

Hi Julian,

for an automatic registration you can use the bootstrap script.

First you must create an activation key which descripe what channel your client will subscriped.

So an activation key descripe what channel is for the client.
And the bootstrap script install all needed client packages on the clien and have the reference to the activation key.
The boostrap script also handle ssl certificates and gpg_keys for you.

Creating "activation key"

  • go to the web UI → Systems → Activation Keys
  • click on “create key” on the upper right corner
  • Fill out a “description” and “Key” Name (best practise, is using the same Name in booth fields like you channel named)
  • we need the “Key” name later. How you can see its beginning with 1-$yourkeyname
  • Choose your Basechannel and check your needed childchannels
  • let the rest on standard an create it

Creating the boostrap repo

  • Make ssh session to you suma, these repo download the needed packages four you clients
  • you get an list with your supported OS versions, choose the right on for your channel, it downloads now all needed files

creating boostrap script

  • now we create the script you can use for every client
  • now you need the keyname you enter by creating activation key
  • “–script=” you can choose you file name of the script
mgr-bootstrap --activation-keys 1-$yourkeyname --script=bootstrap_<your_channel_name>
  • the script is stored on the SUMA in /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap/

Now you can simply execute the script on your clients.
I run the script while the Installion in the end of an autoyast Installation.
Repeat all steps for every distribution and Service Pack
If you use channels for development, test and production. its enough to make an activation key and boostrap script for each.

Have a nice Day :slight_smile: