AutoYast issue for VNC

My customer is trying to determine why his AutoYast installation is working for everything except VNC (Remote Administration) Would anyone be able to assist? Please see the attached message,

I’ve been able to make all AutoYast features I’ve tried work so far except enabling of Remote Administration via VNC. I’ve tried both of the configurations shown below and the /etc/xinetd.d/vnc file is modified correctly but checking via YaST on the running system I see that Remote Administration via VNC is still disabled. Any ideas?

Without the “service” tag…/etc/xinetd.d/vnc modified correctly but remote admin not enabled:

xinetd 0 true

With the “service” tag…this actually leaves xinetd disabled!

xinetd 0 xinetd true

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Have you seen this thread?

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