AWS Hostname default

I am writing to figure out what the default behavior is for hostnames when running rancherOS on AWS as I am getting mixed results. I recently deployed some AWS instances with ami-880f12e2 and the hostname came up as “rancher” rather than the one auto assigned via DHCP. In past deployments and from viewing the rancher/AWS meet-up it looks like the default behavior should be the AWS DHCP hostname - unless otherwise stated in the cloud-config.

What is courious is if I give it enough time (20-30min) the AWS DHCP based hostname will finally be assigned to the host, but that is of little value if the agent has already registered “rancher” as the hostname to my rancher environment.

Any comments about what the behavior should be would be appreciated.


This is a known issue. It should be fixed in v0.4.5!

Thank you for the update!

still an issue in current version