Azure disk pvc's no longer working after upgrading to 2.6.8

I Upgraded my RKE cluster to version 1.24.3 and my rancher enviroment running on it to version 2.6.8 and after that i noticed that pvc’s won’t attach anymore

in the logs of the kube-controller-manager i find this hint

I0920 10:32:50.590931 1 event.go:294] “Event occurred” object=“default/z” fieldPath=“” kind=“PersistentVolumeClaim” apiVersion=“v1” type=“Normal” reason=“ExternalProvisioning” message=“waiting for a volume to be created, either by external provisioner "" or manually created by system administrator”

I haven’t changed anything to the app registration, the secret hasn’t expired nor have the permissions for the app registration changed.

Is there anyone else that is running in to this issue.

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Hey Maarten, have you found any fix to this issue? I’m on 2.6.8 too but configuring this for the first time in an RKE cluster with cloud provider Azure and having this problem.

No, i decided to take my loss and migrate the rancher environment to an aks cluster.