Azure repository is not updated anymore?


On the last 3 weeks i see no updates to the SLSES 12SP1 repository on Azure.
while the patch update (
shows patches continue to roll out on a few day basis.

my zypper lu produce the following output:
Refreshing service ‘SMT-http_smt-azure_susecloud_net’.
Refreshing service ‘cloud_update’.
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
No updates found.

I am using cloud-regionsrv-client-6.4.5-34.1.noarch rpm .

Am i missing something? does anyone else saw this problem?

Which region are you seeing this problem in?

Azure region is US-East

/etc/hosts has the following entry :

Added by SMT registration do not remove, retain comment as well smt-azure


Sorry for the trouble there was a permission issue, most likely introduced during the issue triggered by the failures in US East, see:

The issue has been fixed. Sorry we didn’t catch the previously.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

The problem seems to persist while the repository is updated to March 30 2016 only !!!

Can you please verify?


I have manually updated the packages on all of the servers in US East. Please let me know if you are still having problems.

Problem still persist.
Zyppr show no new rpms, both the 12 and 12-SP1 repositories on show that the last update is on 31/03/2016 .

the below is what i see on the broswer checking the repodata directory

Icon Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory -
[ ] 00c1acbe8f3601add1aa9eafbc01301e877ac67acf7d13308d7c16749461c66a-updateinfo.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 341K
[ ] 2ef63844e0e7de9e485ed39bdd5ea113bec7a37690645ec889ead3b5cccea0e2-primary.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 6.4M
[ ] 885d2cabe944a9b7785b85e7b5e336ac5608b517bbc690fb4b445874a02a9d80-deltainfo.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:38 104K
[ ] 963e7cd7a693a08591c36de6f5f6c570ffd67c7cd0143f035756eac1faa86680-appdata.xml.gz 02-Dec-2015 13:26 22K
[ ] bc23991e2a25f0216a044608382a6463ee7e720a1030bba245484758a635a333-app-icons.tar.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 2.3K
[ ] c22b7584789da84b39bd88673eebf760f22d3c94e6f9cbf849bba91d2fe13b45-filelists.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 8.4M
[ ] f2dc1b7b0388cbd89385ef4b1d98a8b88b5d658f65e144448e910ff94a4b8a47-other.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 2.7M
[ ] fb8d081e873cf0669a10fb6bef4e5b61546be2cffb638dc19807ba35a1456c00-susedata.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:38 116K
[TXT] repomd.xml 30-Mar-2016 15:38 3.6K
[TXT] repomd.xml.asc 30-Mar-2016 15:38 481
[TXT] repomd.xml.key 30-Mar-2016 15:38 972

I believe I have resolved this issue. Will you please see if you can pick up the latest updates?

Thank you very much.

Everything seems to work now.

I will check again in few days to see that the repository gets updated on a reular manner.