Hi all,
After migrate to SLED-11 SP2 32 bit, the banshee is ok, but i have facing one serious problem.
I cant remove any songs from play list, the song counter on playlist is decremented but the song remain & also playing.

Please help me.

I can’t recreate that with banshee on 64bit SP2.
Can you provide step by step details of exactly what you’re doing, what you expect to happen and what actually happens?

  1. Create a playlist. (right click on the Music)
  2. Add at least two songs to that play list from your Music Library.
  3. On the right side of that play list, there is a number, that tells how many songs under that play list.
  4. Single click on that play list, on right pane, show the songs under that play list.
  5. On a particular song, right click, Remove From Play list
  6. From the pop up message box, click Remove.
  7. Now see the song counter on that play list, it decremented by 1.
  8. But That particular song remain on that play list.

I can’t recreate it on 32bit either. banshee did get a version update for SP2. Have you checked it got updated?

A quick Google search shows some people have had an issue which I think is what you’re describing, but only some people, not everyone. E.g.
The second of those, which is the actual banshee bug report, indicates that it was fixed yesterday in development branch for inclusion in the next major release.

Hi mikewillis,
Version is Banshee 2.0 (2.0.1)

Version is Banshee 2.0 (2.0.1)[/QUOTE]
That’s the version in SP2, so it got upgraded.

If you want an immediate fix for the problem you’re seeing, in the banshee bug report there’s a Banshee.Services.dll file you can download which looks like it’s supposed to fix the problem, but I’ve no idea whether it works with the version of banshee in SLED, it quite possibly doesn’t. Other than that it looks like your only option would be to build the very latest development version of banshee from source. That will be non-trival, especially as the latest version needs some libraries that aren’t included in SLED or the SLE SDK.