Best Approach to deploy many containers with different environment vars

Just getting started here, so maybe the answer is obvious… I need to deploy several containers, all of which are the same application customized with various env vars at various times. I dont think i can use scalability aspects as the environment vars are different. It looks like a custom catalog item is what I need, where I could just fill in the env info when provisioning starts.I notice that, that will require a new git repo, which is sort of burdensome. I wonder if its better to provision the container directly - perhaps through a rancher api call if there is one to do this. Once provisioned, what would be the best way to update these containers? Id expect there would be 10 - 20 in the immediate future.

Preformatted textThere is API for everything but that’s not exactly the simple option. I would define them as yaml and either use a catalog (which would let you deploy then from the UI as needed) or just rancher-compose on your workstation to deploy/update them.

What exactly do you think is burdensome about a git repo? It doesn’t necessarily need to be a new repo…

As far as the git repo, I just dont want to stand up too many internally/externally visible artifacts at this point. So I just installed a gogs container for this purpose. Proceeding down the catalog path. Have something setup and it seems to deploy fine with my main platform code.

Its not clear once a stack is deployed how to update it. Redeploying with the exact same information results in: “Validation failed in API: name is not unique”. I suspect that i would need to publish a new version of template in order to do this. Is that the case?

Additionally it seems the catalog will create a new stack each time. Thats not ideal for my purpose. Id like to have a stack called agents, where the catalog template simply creates a new container. Ideally, id be able to target a specific host in the stack. Will try working through all this, but any pointers would be helpful.

Catalog always creates stacks; each stack needs a unique name because they go in DNS so that’s where the validation error is coming from, you just need to change the name being deployed. They can all use the same template/template version.

Right but then i have multiple stacks and subsequently have to upgrade each one individually. What I was hoping was that I could easily have 1 stack, add n-containers to it from a template and then update them all at once or individually. Do you think i will need to resort to api calls for this or is there a plugin or something that would be helpful… I have a feeling that i will need to use the api, as the stack paradigm doesnt seem to fit.