Best practice to backup rancher catalog apps

Assuming an existing k8s cluster with Rancher helm chart and a couple of apps from Rancher catalog installed, what’s the best way to backup and restore these catalog apps?
I don’t want to backup Rancher (as I can re-create it on the fly), only the apps installed via Rancher Catalog.
Thank you!

What exactly do you fear to lose? The Rancher Helm Apps are just Helm Apps with a questions.yaml. That’s it.
If you have the Helm Chart from Rancher, you will be able to re-deploy it.

If you want to keep the config, you can save the values.yaml, like you would usually do with Helm Apps and you can also save the questions.yaml, but that’s usually not needed.

If you press “View in API” when viewing a deployed Rancher Helm Chart, there will be an answers property as a JSON object, which you can save.