CLI: Confused by rancher apps, catalogues, marketplace and helm

Hi, we upgraded to rancher 2.6.2. I previously used rancher catalog and rancher app which were in sync with the GUI catalogue and apps.

If I get things correct, now the “Apps & Marketplace” are the way to go, Rancher Docs: Helm Charts in Rancher. I can add my old chart repos, and I can see the apps I need in the GUI. I also learned that for CLI everything is now “normal” helm3 Custom catalog apps in Rancher 2.5 - #2 by vincent.

=> But how does my local helm link/sync to the rancher marketplace ? Or do I need to locally helm repo add and there is no syncing ?

Thanks in advance,
Yours, Steffen

P.S.: And how do I migrate my existing files I used in --answers custom.yaml ? Manually modify the chart’s values.yaml ?