Best practices for mounting disk


In order to run K3OS in production, I’m looking for a best practices to mount a disk for storage.

My K3OS will be single node. So I plan to use local-path storage for volume provisioning. This node will host more and more services, so I fear to have to extend the disk space in the future.
So I decided to:

  • use two disks: one for system and one for data
  • as the data will grow, and due to hyper-converged approach of our internal cloud solution, the effective disk cannot grow directly and we can only provision more disks, so LVM2.

In config.yaml I activated LVM2:

  - "vgscan"
  - "vgchange -a y"

The :question: is: how should I mount this LVM2 volume in config.yaml?

  • should I directly run the "mount /dev/data/storage /var/lib/rancher/k3s/storage"?
  • should I patch the /etc/fstab with "echo /dev/data/storage /var/lib/rancher/k3s/storage ... > /etc/fstab"?
  • any other option?