Blue Green deployment

Hi ,
I want to achieve blue green deployment in rancher 2.x so as to provide the upgrade of different versions and divert the whole traffic to the newer migrated version . Please provide some feasible solution . Thank you in advance .

Take a look at RIO

A few choices which depend on factors such as whether you are able to run two versions of the same app at the same time, whether you can accept a small outage during switch over or not, and so on … so you may or may not end up with a pure blue-green or more of a weighted routing rolling upgrade …

  1. If you have 2.3.x, then use Istio
  2. If you have 2.2.x and have the Nginx ingress controller, you can get rudimentary traffic weighting using annotations (see the nginx docs)
  3. Create separate deployments for blue and green and when you want to switch change the service selector to point to whichever one you want.
  4. Add a proportional amount of blue and green pods to the same deployment to achieve the correct balance and then scale accordingly (this is about as basic as it gets)
  5. Use an external load balancer