Can convoy be used with lvm partitions or only with Physical disc partitions

Do I need to use 2 physical partitions for convoy, or could convoy be use with lvm partitions.

In other words, Do I need to attach a second disk and create /sdb1 and /sdb2 partitions. Or could I use a existing volume group in /sda to create partitions and use then.

I’m configuring a bare metal server in a datacenter, I can’t partition the first disk which has the layout:

/dev/sda1 -> /boot
/dev/sda5 -> lvm physical
vg -> volume group with /dev/sda5

/dev/vg/root -> operational system
/dev/vg/swap -> swap partition
rest unallocated lvm

So, could I create /dev/vg/convoy-data and /dev/vg/convoy-metadata? Do they need to be thinprovisined?
Or do convoy creates a internal volume group from the physical partition, to create logical volumes from it and therefore requires physical partitions?