Convoy NFS - not able to restore volume from backup

I was trying to use convoy-nfs and have a couple of issues.

When trying to Add volume using API and specifying driverOpts, as --backup=vfs:///mnt/whatever/ the convoy storage pool creates a volume, but when mounting it, it appears to be empty. It seems like it can’t find the backup to restore from, or I just can’t make it work?


Hi akurkin,

Backup is a certain object Convoy already created beforehand. Please refer to our and for more details about create/backup.

yup, and we’ve created backup in advance, and made it available on NFS share.

Convoy CLI can see the backup, it’s just that Rancher can’t create a volume from that backup.

Is it even intended to work that way?

Could you show the cmd?

As well as result of convoy backup inspect <url>?


Result of backup inspect below

$ sudo convoy backup inspect vfs:///mnt/test/convoy/backups?backup=3442c7cc-aef9-48a0-a7dc-93f5ae67935f\u0026vo lume=276ff041-c0e9-446a-8c9b-200e5c56a916 { "BackupURL": "vfs:///mnt/test/convoy/backups?backup=3442c7cc-aef9-48a0-a7dc-93f5ae67935f\u0026volume=276ff041-c0e9-446a-8c9b-200e5c56a916", "BackupUUID": "3442c7cc-aef9-48a0-a7dc-93f5ae67935f", "CreatedTime": "Sun Mar 13 08:37:23 +0000 2016", "DriverName": "vfs", "SnapshotCreatedAt": "Sun Mar 13 08:36:06 +0000 2016", "SnapshotName": "snap_test_vol2", "SnapshotUUID": "cff68c38-eaf2-4f3e-ae40-87f4e808704f", "VolumeCreatedAt": "Sun Mar 13 08:31:39 +0000 2016", "VolumeName": "test_vol2", "VolumeSize": "0", "VolumeUUID": "276ff041-c0e9-446a-8c9b-200e5c56a916" }

And via Add Volume button in UI on storage pools section in Rancher, trying to create a volume with my name, driver set to convoy and driver options have this flag: --backup vfs:///mnt/test/convoy/backups?backup=3442c7cc-aef9-48a0-a7dc-93f5ae67935f\u0026volume=276ff041-c0e9-446a-8c9b-200e5c56a916

Hi akurkin,

I don’t think we’ve added backup support to driver options through UI yet…

You can file a bug for it.

I tried API call, which didn’t work too, is it not implemented as well?

API to Rancher? Or use Convoy CLI directly?

We haven’t implemented the API with Rancher for this.

Yes, it was an API call to Rancher. There was an attribute driverOpts,which I thought will do the job :slight_smile: Ok, I see now that we should use only Convoy CLI for this.

Any plans on integrating this to Rancher?

Not currently. But you can file a feature request for it. :slight_smile: