Can I add a worker node from the worker node itself?

Hello everybody!
My coworkers and I are wondering if it would be possible to add a worker node to an existing Rancher 2.x cluster without having direct access to any Master node.

Maybe there is something in the lines of generating keys (in Master, that’s no issue) that could be kept safe and used later by a worker node in order to be added to the existing cluster

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi. How to add nodes highly depends on how your cluster was setuped. Are using RKE or is it an imported cluster?

For RKE it is easy. You need to edit the cluster.yml (add informations for the new node) and do “rke up”
If its an imported cluster, it should be possible to add it via the rancher interface. Edit the Cluster, copy the docker command for the rancher-agent and run it on your new node.