Can not provision cluster in vSphere and vCenter

Hello All.
thanks for your great product.
I’m facing an Issue in provisioning cluster in vsphere.

  • rancher creates the VMs.
  • VMs take IP from DHCP
  • during the boot cloud-init finishes it’s job, and makes a user-data file in /var/lib/cloud directory which says it is using default user ( user with id 1000) not docker user.
  • Its stuck in “waitng for etcd and controlplane …” and after a while rancher does delete the VMs and start everything again.
    as I understood from the docs, it should create a docker user and add ssh key for furture jobs, but I can’t find any activity that show it is doing this.
    can you please guid me how can I troubleshot and what I’m missing in my template?
    I think there is something that I missed with template but don’t know what.

Well from my experience, this is not something that rancher does for you. You need to ensure that the user you are logging in with is part of the docker group so that rancher can pull docker images.