Unable to provision Vsphere cluster in rancher

i am using vsphere 7.0 and rancher 2.5.x . I am trying to add the vmware cluster via GUI. it get stuck with the error in the GUI “[etcd] Failed to bring up Etcd Plane: etcd cluster is unhealthy: hosts [10.xx.x.xx.] failed to report healthy. Check etcd container logs on each host for more information”.

when i checked the nodes in vmware i could see that all the containers are up and running except kube api. if i look at the logs of the kube api container i could see the error “http request cancelled while waiting for the connection timed out”.

i have firewalld disabled on the Centos 7 node and able to telnet to these nodes from my rancher server. I have docker service running without any issues as well.

anything else i can do

did you install cloud-init in the centos templates? That way may mistake back then.

yeah i do have cloud-init installed on the template.

Hi, when I started using Rancher I had a similar problem with vSphere based clusters. The trick was to extend the ressources (RAM and CPU) of the system. Maybe your node’s ressources are too low.

Cheers, Hendrik

let me bump my resources to 8gb RAM and 200 GB hard disk with the 8 core vcpu and see if that helps.

thanks for your input.