Cannot add AWS EC2 host

Setup a new Rancher from latest Docker. Added GitHub authentication.
Trying to setup an initial host. Chose Amzaon EC2. Entered my credentials. Pressed ‘Next’. Received this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

Rancher v0.38.1
Cattle v0.94.0
User Interface v0.50.0
Rancher Compose beta/latest

Yep, this is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release. Already verified. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought I checked the forums before posting… Thanks for the quick response.

v0.39.0 was tagged as latest this morning, so you can upgrade to get this fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick turnaround. Unfortunately the ‘latest’ did not solve my problem. I stopped all running containers and deleted the images. Just in case.

I have verified that I am running:

Rancher v0.39.0
Cattle v0.95.0
User Interface v0.50.0
Rancher Compose beta/latest

Also, the upgrade instructions did not work particularly well, so I had to jump though a few hoops to re-authorize with GitHub and generate new API keys for rancher-compose.

It is certainly possible I am doing something wrong, but the error is the same.

Can you provide me some more info?

What rancher versions did you upgrade from and to? Particularly what one was before v0.38.0?

I want to see what happened on the authentication side because it sounds like your authentication (access control) changed a bit between releases, so I would like to test.

On a fresh install, I know adding ec2 was tested but will need to check if it was verified with an upgrade. I want to try it after upgrading and uaing the same versions you did.

I upgraded

FROM v0.38.1
TO v0.39.0

If I need to do a ‘fresh’ install I will gladly do that.

Could you try refreshing the UI? That might be required to get it working. :smile:

If not, I’ll probably have some time in the next day or two to try and reproduce and give a better workaround.

I was unable to reproduce the error after a fresh upgrade. If you’re still hitting it, I’d recommend a fresh install unless you want me to investigate further with you. But since I’m unable to reproduce, it’s hard for me to debug. :wink:

Verified the EC2 functionality is working for me now. Thank you.