Error while trying to set up host: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')


I am trying to get myself up to speed with Rancher and am following the micro services tutorial(and I happen to need a new Wordpress blog, so it’s convenient). I am running into an error when I try to get past the 2nd step where I need to enter my AWS access keys. I get:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

Of note I had to run the docker rancher install step (docker run -d -p 8080:8080 rancher/server:v0.23.0-rc6) manually as adding the script to the AMI’s user data never seemed to get it to run (read: the web server never became available on port 8080 until I logged in as ‘docker’ and ran the docker script).

The AMI I am using is: rancheros-v0.4.2-0-amazon-ecs-optimized (mi-2504524f)
I also tried the marketplace AMI “RancherOS v0.4.2 - HVM - ECS Enabled” as well with the same results.

Kind of a show-stopper… Any suggestions?


v0.23... is ~35 weeks old. Try using :latest instead.

ah … perhaps someone should update the reference in the tutorial then… :wink:

We don’t typically update our blog posts as we are constantly adding new features and adding enhancements along the way. The blog posts are written using current versions of Rancher at the time of writing.

Warning: There may be some minor changes in the latest product that may make previous blog posts invalid, but generally they should work.