Can't add second rancher-agent

My rancher version is v2.0.4,and i have two agent-server,agent-a and agent-b.

where I created a new cluster, run command to add agent-a to cluster ,then i created another cluster, add agent-b to it. the two clusters are all running sucessfully.

However, where i add agent-a a and agent-b to the Same cluster,first agent can be added sucessfully,but the second one fail.

First add agent-a ,agent-b fail, first add agent-b, agent-a fail.

When I execute docker ps on the faild agent, it shows there are two containers exist:

3a995bda6150 rancher/rancher-agent:v2.0.4 “ – share-r…” About a minute ago Up About a minute share-mnt
4a97ee0d246e rancher/rancher-agent:v2.0.4 “ --server h…” About a minute ago Up About a minute jolly_wilson

the logs of 3a995bda6150:
Error response from daemon: {“message”:“No such container: kubelet”}
Error: failed to start containers: kubelet

the logs of 4a97ee0d246e
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Option customConfig=map[address: internalAddress: roles:[etcd worker controlplane] label:map[ip:10 12.50.27:]]”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Option etcd=true”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Option controlPlane=true”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Option worker=true”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Option requestedHostname=ubuntu”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Connecting to wss:// with token 9pcj4dzg6h6qpvxqth4f4g5sfjp5nfsxmnfd86zc92zrklqrf66qh6”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Connecting to proxy” url=“wss://”
time=“2018-08-06T02:48:31Z” level=info msg=“Starting plan monitor”

The same node cannot be part of more than one cluster (and therefore, one node can’t have more than one agent).

Depending on what you’re trying to do you can probably use projects to divide resources of one cluster for multiple people or environments or similar.

THX,I haven found the reason.

the agents had the same host names as default, so could not division them.

when I change one host name ,they work as my wish.