Can't finish install for SLES11sp3

I’m stumped.

I’m installing SLES11sp3 on a Dell R-720.
The Perc RAID is conf’d with two VDs (using all 7 phys disks in RAID 6) as such:
VD1: 500GB (SDA) (this is for the OS)
VD2: 8000 GB (SDB) (this is for a future NSS volume (Novell))

Boots from the DVD fine, begins install. After first stage, it reboots for stage 2, but it hangs, just stuck on “booting from local disk”.

Partitions are there, and healthy. I’m trying to use UEFI, the partition table is GPT, even though with a 500 GB OS bootable partition neither should actually be necessary.
I might try to redo all this as plain ol’ BIOS.

Any ideas where to look for troubleshooting?

I created these partitions on /dev/sda:
SDA1: VFAT 250MB /efi/boot
SDA3: EXT3 /
SDA4: EXT3 /VM (for future xen virtual machines)

Also, with a mere 500 GB boot drive, why on earth do I get a warning from SuSE if I do not make a vfat boot partition that I could have boot issues?
Since when does Linux need a fat partition? The boot disk is well under 2 TB. I did it anyway, And yet I still have severe boot issues.

I guess I could try with plain ol’ BIOS and reinstall from scratch. At this point, I’m about ready to wipe out the RAID controller too, and do whatever factory resets on the mobo I can do for the UEFI/BIOS settings.

Since UEFI booting, so it (UEFI) requires a vfat partition /boot/efi set
to type EF00 (did this get checked?) and yes the system won’t boot if
you don’t have it :wink:

If you press ctrl+alt+F10 any info in the kernel messages, else after
grub press the esc key to see where it’s hanging.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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So that’s why. I thought it wouldn’t worry about that unless the boot partition/drive was over 2TB.

We’ll take a look at the kernel messages, thanks!

I got it up and running.

I just initialized the RAID Virt Drive to clean it out, and set the Firmware Interface to BIOS instead of UEFI; Since I’d made a 500GB VD for the OS which was bootable, and we’re not using secure boot, there was no real need for UEFI. Weird.
I’ve set up servers on UEFI before, so it wasn’t my first foray into it, this one was just wonky for some reason.